has a hard time recognizing phone numbers

7 February 2015 | is the gaming platform of Blizzard Entertainment, which is a company manufacturing games such as World of Warcraft, Diablo, and the like.

I pay my due to them. My kids play their games and occasionally pay them money. In a world of uncertain cybersecurity, Blizzard have decided to add a layer of protection to their platform by introducing text notifications. Great.

This is what I got after I entered my phone number (I edited the image so that all figures are eights):”Please enter a valid phone number.”


  1. The message indirectly tells me my phone number is invalid, yet does not tell me what a valid phone number should look like. I am left on my own guessing what to do.
  2. The site does not recognize a perfectly legitimate formatting of a phone number. Most software systems will accept only phone numbers beginning with a +.
  3. There is a spatial disconnect between the problematic field (the phone number at the bottom) and the message (at the top).

Overall, the text is well optimized to be short and convey the necessary, yet the message is not very helpful.


Quick and dirty: Add the criteria for “valid” phone numbers in the message or offer a link to a page where valid phone numbers are explained and illustrated.

Design for humans: Recognize and accept variations in formatting. For example, all of the following are the same number 0035988, +35988, ++359-88, 359 88 and the software can be programmed to recognize them as such.


3 thoughts on “ has a hard time recognizing phone numbers”

  1. I am having the same issue :(… I will have to call them;

    I work in the SW industry and what you say is completely reasonable, just adding some JS validations before the submit and then showing a real example, those are normal standards but I don’t see them here D:


    1. Lerio, sorry to hear that you experienced the same problem, yet I am also glad that I am not the only person in the world to expect more reasonable treatment of phone numbers. Thanks for chiming in,


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