OneNote is not the default program for OneNote hyperlinks

I opened a OneNote file and got

Microsoft OneNote is not currently your default program for OneNote hyperlinks. Would you like to change the current associations? Yes/No

Only if I knew what a OneNote hyperlink were!


  1. I have no idea what a “OneNote hyperlink” means. I do not have enough information to make a decision and the message does not link to information where I can read more and make a decision.
  2. The message does not explain the consequences of “changing the current association”.

In fact, it is not clear what will happen if I click Yes. I see two options: a) the associations will be silently changed and I will not be bothered and b) I will get a dialog box where I can select some associations. I never learned. I clicked No and the file that I wanted opened.


Quick and dirty: Explain what “OneNote hyperlink” is and make it clear what happens on Yes

Design for humans: Directly show the current associations, so I can see them and act on them.

24 March 2015 | Microsoft OneNote


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