Enthusiastic heads up from audible

I subscribed to audible. On their website, I wanted to see the library with my first book. I got a modal heads-up message instead:

Heads up!

So you can listen to your audiobooks on 123456’s Audible for Android, we updated your default audiobook format to "Enhanced". Audible offers several audio format options and if you’d like to learn more, you can do so here. You can change your default audio format at any time from your library; However, only the "Enhanced" format can be used to deliver audiobooks to 123456’s Audible for Android.

Happy listening!

Close Window

Why would I care about the "Enhanced" format?!

In fact, within 1 hour of subscribing to the service the audible app for Android is still unable to fetch the book that I got with my subscription.


1. The message brings to my attention information that I do not want to know; at least not at this point. This is my first encounter with the service. I just want to download and listen to the book that I got with my subscription. Instead I have to learn about the formats that audible has and make decisions about the "default audio format" of books.

2. Choice. Do I need to know this information in the future? If I need to make a choice where will I find the "here" link again, so I can remind myself about the different formats that audible has?


Quick and dirty: Do not show the message.

Design for humans: Do not expose internal information to users unless users request it. Design around intrinsic product complexity and hide technology-specific decisions from users.

1 April 2015 | audible


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