Twitter uses cookies

Twitter just showed me this message:

To bring you Twitter, we and our partners use cookies on our and other websites. Cookies help personalize Twitter content, tailor Twitter Ads, measure their performance, and provide you with a better, faster, safer Twitter experience. By using our services, you agree to our Cookie Use.

It is not only Twitter that does it. Obviously, there is some legal requirement out there that people must agree to being tracked through cookies. The requirement is OK; however, I think that users must have a choice whether to allow cookies or not. Also, I sincerely do not trust such messages – don’t know why.

Notable Points

1. The message is written by "We". I suppose, Twitter?!

2. Positive framing. Note that it does not state that cookies collect personal information, which I might find frightening, but instead is trying to tell me only things that I might interpret as positive. Unfortunately the message fails to convey the purpose of being shown.

3. "…tailor Twitter adds". Maybe there are people out there who want to see Twitter adds. I don’t. I know that by seeing adds I pay for using Twitter. I do not care about Twitter adds, so I do not want to be bothered with information about them.

4. No choice. You just agree. Quite embarrassing.

5. Once you click the x, or navigate to see the Cookie Use link, the message is gone. This is for good. I did not find any place on the site that explained cookies or pointed to an explanation.

6. The color and placement of the message make it very prominent – it just feels like it does not belong there. It kind of urges you to get rid of it as quickly as possible. I bet, in most cases, without even reading it.

7. Technical jargon. The word cookie is not one that I want to know in its technical sense. By exposing the technical term, Twitter is not helping me much unless their goal is to educate me in something.


Quick and dirty: Do not show the message.

Design for humans: I don’t know.

10 June 2015 | twitter


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