YaaS: project id already exists

Hybris as a Service (YaaS) is now out. This is good news. YaaS is an amazing product.

I decided to play around with it. One of the first things was to try to create a project. I filled out all required fields and clicked Save. To my surprise (after all, how hard should it be to create your first project) I got an error message:

An error has occurred while accessing https://api.yaas.io/hybris/account/b1/projects: Object with id [pr1] already exists


  1. The most obvious thing is that the message speaks about accessing some address. Accessing the URL might be an important technical thing but is not something I as a user care about. I want to know that there is an error.
  2. One can also claim that it is a bit difficult to associate the message with a particular field. One has to link the “id” from the message to the “Identifier” label of the field.
  3. The most serious problem, however, is that such a message has to be shown. An identifier is necessary to guarantee that the project will be accessible via URL in a browser + possibly some even deeper constraints. Therefore, the requirements for “only lowercase alphanumeric characters, 3-16 characters”. For some reason, the identifier must be unique across the entire Hybris system – this is my first project ever, and the id I chose is already used. I guess at some point it will be a daunting task to pick and id that is free.


Quick and dirty: Simplify the message text and make it easier to associate the message with the respective field. Suggesting an available id might help as well.

Design for humans: Generate the id automatically and thus eliminate the need for the error message.

11 September 2015 | YaaS


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