Lenovo does not want to say much about UserLETool

This messaged used to come out of the blue as I was working on my computer. I was not able to associate it with anything I was doing.

PM not installed


  1. Internal language. I have no idea what UserLETool is, nor do I know what PM is.
    A search in Google for UserLETool shows that this has something to do with Lenovo (the brand of my laptop) and some issue with the battery and drivers not being installed.
  2. Insufficient info. I do not know what to do or whether to do something at all. Since the message used to come quite often, I guess I was supposed to do something. I never found out. I changed the computer (not because of this message though).

Overall, annoying and not helpful.


Quick and dirty: Speak in a meaningful way. Do not use abbreviations known only internally in the company.

Design for humans: Ideally, push the installation of drives (or whatever the necessary software) and ask me to accept it. If that is technically not achievable, provide a meaningful explanation and give a link to instructions what to do.

31 July 2015 | Lenovo


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