webflow: the name is already taken


I came upon webflow. Someone recommended it as a good new tool for pixel-perfect design.

It looks well. They offer a nice sample project, a set of tutorials vidoes, and even a brief guided tour. I decided to create a test project in order to get a feeling of how the tool works. My attempt did not start well. What I got was a threshold telling me:

test.webflow.io is already taken



  1. This is the same type of interaction that I wrote about recently in yaas project id already exists. Unlike in the yaas case, here the message is as simple as possible and appears right below the affected field.
  2. The main problem, however, is the same: they use the website name in the URL that they construct for the website and expect me to find a unique name across the entire webflow system just to play around with some test content. I agree that if I want to publish the site for production or some other reasons, I might want to have a meaningful URL. Then, uniqueness is needed. For a starter, however, a random id will do perfectly well.
  3. There is an additional thing here. In the right end of the Choose URL field there is a button-like red x in a circle. I tried clicking it in an attempt to clear the error. The x is not a button, so clicking is a false affordance – does not do anything.

Overall, this was a show stopper for me: I did not try the service, I spent my time writing this post.


Quick and dirty: There is hardly anything to be improved in terms of text.

Design for humans: Generate an id automatically and use it in the URL, and thus eliminate the need for the error message. Alternatively, put next to the message a link that on click generates a random id.

30 September 2015 | webflow


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