Your password was updated

I changed my password for an internal system for submitting proposals for talks at events. I got:

Your password has been updated, click [OK] to access the system.

Checkbox: Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs



1. It is good that I have a confirmation that the password was updated. I expect that anyway, so the message is not really needed.

2. The message stays there and asks me to click a button.

On OK, another message appeared. I obviously did not “prevent the page from creating additional dialogs”. Should have expected that

Thank you for resetting your password. Closing this window will return you to the resource center login.

NOTE: If you were in the process of submitting a call for paper – please return to the cfp link and re-select the url to continue.


This second one does not say much more except that I will be taken to the login page. Well, the message lied. I was not taken to the login screen when I clicked Close. I entered the system directly.

Note the note though. I guess it is there for tracking purposes. The submission links might have tracking info. I have no other explanation. Unnecessary again. Once in the system, it is pretty straightforward to submit a proposal.


Design for humans: Do not show such messages. Show directly the system. It is OK to show for a few seconds an inline confirmation message that the password was changed. It might be even better to show an overlay message for a few seconds – enough for the users to register it – and hide it.

23 October 2015 | SAP internal system


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