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For some reason I used to receive email from Pinterest. I do not remember subscribing explicitly for such email; I guess, they auto-subscribed me when I signed up for the site. Each email message had an “Unsubscribe from this email” link at the bottom. In an attempt to reduce the daily flood, I decided to unsubscribe. I was taken to a page that said:

Discover and save creative ideas Sign up / Log in

Okay, you’re unsubscribed!

It may take a day or two, but pretty soon you should stop getting:

· Weekly inspiration

Want to turn off (or on!) more Pinterest emails? (link) Edit your email settings

Don’t remember signing up for Pinterest? (link) Please let us know

Have questions? (link) Visit our Help Center


I find the message to be good. It tells me that I am unsubscribed and gives me a time horizon in which I should expect to stop receiving messages. The message also gives several hints and follow up actions.

The “Want to turn off (or on!) more Pinterest emails?” line drew my attention, so I followed the link to editing my email settings. I was surprised how many email notifications I was subscribed for. I wonder how they will now about stuff I might like!


The confirmation message is good. I do not think there is anything to fix in the message.

Sending me email that I have not requested is another story though. I also think the Email Notifications page can be designed a bit better.

17 February 2016 | Pinterest


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