Microsoft does not really want feedback on MSN Money

I wanted to give feedback about Money. MSN Money is a Windows 10 application or plugin (or whatever it is called) that shows stock quotes. It shows me DOW, FTSE, and NIKEI when I hit the Windows key, and I am not interested in these. I wanted to customize the quotes. I was not able to find out how to do it.

As I looked through the menu of the application (only icons) I saw this smiley icon that on hover said Send Feedback. So I decided to tell Microsoft that I am not interested in DOW but in other quotes.

I clicked the icon. I was asked to log in to my Microsoft account. I hesitated a bit wondering whether I wanted Microsoft to know who I was. Anyway, I logged in.

Then I got a message that read:

Allow feedback

We want you to send us feedback, but you’d need to adjust your Privacy Settings first.

Please change your privacy level under Feedback options to:


If you decide not to, we’ll miss you, but you can always come back anytime.

Settings / No thanks

OK. So I clicked Settings and got the Privacy page opened:

In the Feedback & diagnostics section I did not see an option for changing the setting for feedback to Enhanced; there are no Feedback options. I followed the link Learn more about feedback & diagnostics settings and ended up on a help page – Windows 10 feedback, diagnostics, and privacy: FAQ – but it did not tell me anything about Feedback options.

Well, I decided I can at least give my feedback to the documentation guys. I started explaining my case in the feedback form at the bottom of the page. No, it did not work as expected. At some point I noticed that I type but the characters do not appear in the box. There was a limit to the number of characters one can provide as feedback. This is insulting. I had to send feedback three times because the comment entry form can accommodate only 400 characters (I counted them).

As I read through the documentation topic, I discovered that the Enhanced option is under Diagnostic and usage data, which is disabled for me. I assume the option is managed by my organization. Too bad that my organization does not let me provide feedback to Microsoft directly.


  1. The collection of feedback requires the user identity. This triggers a whole lot of privacy and data protection measures.
  2. The change of the setting does not happen on the spot but users are directed to another place through a message. This creates a disconnect and conditions for errors. It is at least good that there is a direct button opening the correct place in the settings.
  3. The message that explains what needs to be changed does not state correctly the name of the option, so users have to guess what to do.
  4. The text of the message is too fluffy and lacks proper formatting. Thus it is not easy to understand what the message wants from users.
  5. Explicit feedback (one provided by users directly) is tied to an option for implicit feedback (one that is automatically collected). This creates complications and limitations.


Do not show a message – collect feedback anonymously.

10 March 2016 | MSN Money and Windows 10


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