Sodexo want my opinion but will not read the email

Recently I bought something through a promotion. The seller sent me an email seemingly asking for my opinion.

The message text is in Bulgarian and reads:


Здравейте Димитър Симов

бихме искали да получим информация от Вас дали е имало проблем в процеса по поръчване или доставка на Вашата поръчка (51). Ще се радваме да ни изпратите Вашия коментар.


от целия ни екип!

Ние не проверяваме тази поща, затова моля не отговаряйте на това писмо.

In English:


Hello Dimiter Simov

We would like to receive information from you whether there has been a problem in the process of ordering and delivering of your order (51). We would be glad for you to send us your comment.


From the entire team of ours!

We do not check this mail, so please do not reply to this letter.

If they are not checking this mail box, how then am I supposed to send them feedback?!

I noticed the logo image placeholder, so I thought maybe that was it. I clicked it and got

NoResultException {#432 ▼

#message: “No result was found for query although at least one row was expected.”

#code: 0

#file: “/var/www/sodexo/dreamshop/vendor/doctrine/orm/lib/Doctrine/ORM/AbstractQuery.php”

#line: 807

-trace: {▶}


I do not need to say anything else.

Oh, here is my feedback:

  1. I do not know what order (51) stands for.
  2. I only ordered one thing through that vendor, so I know what they mean.
  3. The delivery was OK and on time.
  4. The ordering I have forgotten.

22 March 2016 | Sodexo


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