tekom: you must speak German

I uploaded to the tekom conference website my presentation on messages from ComTecnica 2016 (a really nice event that I enjoyed). I got this message in a modal box:

Conference contribution transcript

Vortrags-Folien wurden hochgeladen.

Google translates this second line as “Presentation slides have been uploaded.”

There was also this change in the UI:

Presentation slides were uploaded on 18.05.2016 .


1. The message is in German, and the UI of the site is in English.

2. The message repeats some information that is already shown on the UI – that the slides were uploaded.

3. The message is modal – requires me to click something to close it.

4. The closing of the message is a tiny “x” sign in the top-right corner.


Do not show.

18 May 2016 | tekom


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