Snagit thinks it is another program

The print screen hotkey is assigned be default to the global capture option of SnagIt (version 12). The global capture – for some unknown reason to me – does not capture the cursor, so I was looking for a way to capture the cursor.

I found an article explaining that I had to create a new capture profile. I did. When I tried to assign the print screen button as a hotkey for the new custom profile, I got a message:


The Snagit capture hotkey is in use by another program. Select a different keyboard combination for the hotkey.

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I played around with the preferences and found out that Snagit’s global-capture option is the “other program” in question. I removed the print screen button as a hotkey for the global capture and was able to assign the hotkey to the profile I needed.

The profiles for capturing are managed through the Manage Profiles window.

The hotkey for the global capture feature is managed through the Preferences window.


  1. The message speaks of another program, yet from my perspective as a user, it is the same program. Obviously, two different teams at TechSmith developed the capturing profiles and the preferences, these two might technically be two separate programs. Unfortunately the teams were not able to integrate the two well enough. For comparison, when the hotkey is assigned to another profile in Snagit, the message that the Profile Manger returns is different. It says: The Capture Hotkey is already assigned to another profile.
  2. The message does not tell me which that program is, or that profile. So I do not have a clear path after that.


In this case, the fix might be to improve the integration between the components of an application. It would also help to show which is the other program, profile, or whatever that is already holding the setting in question. An option to take over and assign the setting to the current profile would help too.

12 August 2016 | Snagit


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