iTunes cannot resume downloading

One of the things an iPhone user has to live through is iTunes. I started that app in order to copy some files to the mobile device (no other way unfortunately). I got a message that a new version of the OS was available. I agreed to download that.

The download started. I finished whatever I was doing and went to lunch. When I came back, I saw this message:


(warning icon) There was a problem downloading the software for the iPhone “phone-name’s iPhone”. The network connection timed out.

Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, or try again later.


Nothing happened when I clicked OK – only the message disappeared.

The message looks OK. It states who issues it, gives a hint on what happened and why, and finally provides instructions for addressing the issue. Overall, a very good message. Still, I think there is an user experience issue.


  1. When I am away, the computer (I guess) probably disconnects from the network. I expect that any software that downloads things would be able to instruct the computer to maintain the connection or to be able to resume the download after the connection has been lost and then reestablished.
  2. I do not know what the correct network settings are, nor do I know how to make sure that the network connection is active. Unfortunately, no hints in the message.
  3. I would expect a button that says Try Again and starts the downloading over instead of just OK that dismisses the message. Then I am lost. Since I started the downloading by accepting a suggestion from the software, I do not know where that download is or how to restart it. The whole thing was a waste of time and energy.


Do not show a message. Resume the downloading once the network connection is reestablished. If this is technically impossible, provide an option to start over.

12 December 2016 | iTunes


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