The file is too big for Google Sheets

A colleague of mine shared this one. She was obviously trying to open a file on her phone – judging by the icon and the availability of tabs, it must have been an Excel file. She got this ‘helpful’ message:

(икона) Документът не може да бъде отворен

Ужас, този файл е твърде голям!


In translation

(icon): The document cannot be opened

Horror, this file is too big!


Here is the full screenshot:


  1. Most of the problems that one would usually find with messages are here: not clear who is issuing the message, not clear what the problem is or why it exists, and not clear what the user can or should do.
  2. Inappropriate language. My colleague was laughing at the message and especially at the “horror” part of it.


Tell users what to do so that they can see the file that they want. No need to be that emotional.

21 December 2016 | Google Sheets


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