Be careful when applying for Indian visa

I will travel to India to attend tcworld India 2017. I need a valid Indian visa. The Indian foreign ministry (or whatever the equivalent) has prepared a website for online application for visas – Excellent! There I went.

I faced a pretty innocent looking form. The number of fields is OK. I was surprised by the field Email ID though. Never before had I seen such a thing. I do not know what an email ID is – probably my email address.

After I filled the form and clicked Continue, I got this message:

Invalid Request

Please do not press back button or Refresh.

Return to Home Page

(button) Home Page

I have no idea what they are telling me. Why would they not want me to use the most common things on the web – back and refresh?! I thought India had good engineers. Well, I stopped thinking, just clicked the Home Page button, went to the home page, and started over.

Then there was this form – not innocent at all.

I filled it all, and clicked Save and Continue – you see the form the way it showed to me. They deleted all my data just to show me a “Please select Yes or No” message. Everything I entered was gone. I am already sorry that I am going to India.

Then on step 4, although I was very, very, careful, I got “Enter Alphabets or spaces Only”. Of course, all my data was deleted again.

There were a few more steps – not interesting.


I do not want to comment.

For the record, it took me about 1 hour to file the application form. Three of the five steps I had to repeat from the beginning. This is a wonderful user experience. Thank you India.


Please, never, ever delete the data entered by the user.

27 January 2017 | Indian visa online


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