I hate it when colleagues come to me and ask me to write a message for them, or even worse, polish a couple of messages that they have already written. Colleagues often hate me after that because I ask them to redesign the whole interaction.

As an interaction designer and usability practitioner I work in the performance business – I help teams and companies improve the performance of their products. As part of my job I also write messages and talk about messages; see Soft Performance: Messages.

I do not really like to write message but I like to collect them.

This blog is about the messages that websites, applications, devices, cars, coffee machines, and other interactive things use when trying to communicate to their users. These are all kinds of messages that I have encountered or people have shared with me over the years.

Enjoy the collection.


If you have a message that you think I might want to add here, send me a note at dsimov gmail com.


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