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Quora: Do you speak German

I got an email message:

Dimiter, do you speak German?

Füge Deutsch zu Deinen Sprachen bei Quora hinzu! Englisch bleibt Deine voreingestellte Sprache und Du kannst einfach zwischen den verschiedenen Sprachen wechseln.

[button Deutsch hinzufügen]

Google translated it as:

Add to your German languages ​​at Quora website! English remains your default language, and you can simply switch between the different languages.

[button Add German]

SAP translated it as:

Add German quora to your language! English remains your default language and you can easily switch between the different languages.

[button German Add]

OK. That is annoying.

I started replying but noticed that it was a no-reply address. So I went to the Quora website hoping to find a contact us email address, so I can tell them I did not speak German. There I was hit by a popup asking me whether I speak German.

Hey Quora, here is my answer:

No. I have not been in a German-speaking region for a long time and even when I have been in such a region it has not been for more than a few days. What you are doing is annoying. My IP might be “German”; however, I know what languages I speak and can very well decide which ones I want to use. I do not want automated services guessing my language and wasting my time. Do you think that if I were interested in reading things in German I would not find out whether content and UI are offered in that language!


  1. An automation that might work in most of the cases might drive nuts people in some of the cases. It hurts when I as a user am in the minority group.
  2. This ‘feature’ does not deserve an email message – I receive enough of them already. It does not deserve a popup that stops you from doing anything else either.
  3. In the email message, the text in German is secretly formatted as a link. You can add German to your languages even if you try to copy the text to try to translate it. I think I did.


Design for humans: Do not try to think instead of users. Use people-location techniques with care. When you have something to offer, try to offer it in a non-obtrusive way.

18 December 2018 | Quora